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by Matt Kelland
6 years ago

Cloud storage is a wonderful thing. You can back up your files securely offsite, so if anything happens to your computer, you don’t lose your precious data, photos, or documents. You can access them any time, so you can get to anything you need no matter where you are, even on your mobile or tablet. And when you have to set up a new computer, you don’t have to worry about copying everything onto your new machine.

Most cloud services are cheap compared to the cost of buying external drives or expanding your hard disk, but if you’re worried about the cost, you can take advantage of the free offers that many companies will give you. It’s not as convenient as having all your files in one place, but on the other hand, it’s not costing you anything.

  1. Adrive: 50Gb
  2. Mega: 50Gb
  3. Bitcasa: 25Gb
  4. Google Drive 15Gb
  5. Copy: 15Gb
  6. OneDrive: 15Gb
  7. Box: 10Gb
  8. Amazon AWS: 5Gb
  9. SpiderOak: 2Gb
  10. Dropbox: 2Gb

That’s a massive 189Gb of free cloud space, which is plenty for most users – it’s equivalent to about 60,000 songs or 45,000 photos. And don’t forget that many of these companies have schemes that will allow you to extend their basic free allowance.

Not enough for you? Well, try this. The Chinese internet giant Tencent Weiyun offers an unbelievable 10Tb of free cloud space. That’s 10,000Gb, way more than most people will ever need.  Signup isn’t quite as easy as with the others, but here’s the instructions on how to do it.

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