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by Phil Rice
10 years ago

The latest wave in restaurant point-of-sale are wireless systems like POSlavu.  With the back end running entirely in the cloud over an Internet connection, service staff take orders with wireless devices like iPad and iPod touch.  POSlavu recently made a cameo appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

Cloud (Internet) based services are revolutionizing how we use computerized devices, but that transition is not without its challenges.  In the case of a restaurant whose Point-of-Sale is leaning on both Wifi and Cloud servers, there are a lot of points where the system can fail if everything isn’t operating just right.  Wireless interference or inefficient wireless speed can cripple a system of this kind, and if there’s not ample (and stable) Internet bandwidth available, then communication with the backend can break down, causing major disruption.  If the Cloud provider’s database server goes down, it can knock restaurants offline as well.  If you’ve ever worked in a busy restaurant, you know how chaotic it can get if the system isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

But there are a lot of restaurants, nationwide and worldwide, that are attracted to systems like these, even with the potential weaknesses that can come with them.  Why?  The answer comes down to cost.  The cost of installing and running a lightweight cloud-based POS is exponentially more affordable than what is termed as traditional POS, with a server on site and larger terminal machines.  The price difference is measured in thousands, sometimes tens of thousands.  It’s enough of a difference to make restaurants stick with systems like POSlavu even though they are so young and potentially more vulnerable to glitches.  That, and when the system is working as it should, it does an exceptional job.

Want to see a local example of POSlavu in action?  Check out Zorba’s Greek Restaurant in Bonita Springs, FL.

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