Shred, scan, or store? - PRR Computers, LLC

by Matt Kelland
8 years ago

If you’re in the midst of doing your taxes, surrounded by piles of paper, you may be asking yourself this question – “Do I really need to keep all this?” As this great infographic from Citibank’s Women & Co service shows, the simple answer is NO!

Most of that stuff – even documents like pay stubs that you would think you’d have to keep – can probably be shredded. Don’t just throw them straight in the trash, though. That’s just an invitation to identity theft!

A lot of the rest, particularly financial and tax documents, will be absolutely fine as just a digital copy. There’s no need to keep a paper copy – store it securely, then you can retrieve it any time should you need it.


So, feel free to shred away, fire up the scanner, and get rid of almost all that clutter!

Now, doesn’t that feel a whole lot better?



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