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by Matt Kelland
8 years ago

We’ve been writing a lot over the last few weeks about the impending Windows XP End Of Life on April 18, 2014. But what does that mean? Will your computer just stop working?

No, your computer won’t just shut down.

BUT – and this is a very big but indeed – it won’t be supported any more. That means that:

  • There will be no new upgrades or patches for XP
  • There will be no new security fixes for XP
  • Hardware manufacturers won’t make drivers for XP
  • New applications won’t be designed for XP
  • Costs of repairs will increase and you’ll need repairs more often

In other words:

  • Your computer will be increasingly vulnerable to viruses and malware.
  • It’ll be harder and harder to get hardware such as printers to work, and you won’t be able to install new peripherals.
  • You may not be able to run the upgrades to your favorite programs or get new ones – even modern Web sites may not perform properly.
  • It’ll cost you more to run your computer.

So, yes, your computer will work on April 19, 2014, but your experience is likely to degrade significantly over the following months if you decide to stay with Windows XP.

We very strongly recommend upgrading as soon as possible. Budget for it as a key part of your 2014 financial planning. Don’t wait till April when everyone else who’s left it till the last minute is trying to get their computer fixed.

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