Think About Your Car

You can go out and get yourself some STP Fuel Treament and put it in your tank, and it may have some positive effects on your vehicle. But it isn’t a substitute for service by a reputable mechanic.

The difference? STP doesn’t claim its additives can “fix” your car. Nobody from STP would tell you to use their product rather than follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

Trust a Pro to Tune Up Your Computer

A proper computer tune up isn’t some automated process, it’s a careful examination and clean-up by a human being who has physical access to your machine.

With a PRR Computers Tune Up, a trained technician will:

  • Clean the inside/outside of your computer case
  • Clean your registry, cache files, temporary and junk files
  • Scan your computer for signs of viruses and other malware
  • Tweak your system settings to optimize performance
  • Apply all of the latest Windows patches and updates
  • Update your hardware drivers
  • Defragment and optimize the computer’s hard drive

If we think a hardware upgrade is a good idea, we’ll tell you and quote you on the spot. But most of the time, a tune up all by itself can reclaim performance speeds you haven’t had in quite some time.


Tune Up


  • Improve startup time and overall speed
  • Remove programs you don't want or need
  • Eliminate web browsing sluggishness
  • Apply all outstanding software security updates
  • Optimize your hard drive performance
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    - Business Owner in Estero, FL
  • “We took our desktop computer to them to remove a virus. They took it in on a Saturday, which was very helpful, and they had it done on Monday. We took it it home and everything was back to normal on the computer. They did it for the price quoted and called us promptly when it was done. We would certainly use them again if we have any other issues.”
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