Work From Home

Secure remote access solutions for small business
  • Check Point VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
  • Splashtop remote desktop for business
  • Endpoint security solutions

2020 brought “work from home” needs to the forefront of everyone’s mind, but remote access isn’t a new technology.

In fact, the solutions for secure and effective remote access to business resources has been maturing and evolving for a number of years. And today’s solutions are easier to use and more cost effective than ever before.

  • Check Point VPN (Virtual Private Networking) gives your out-of-office computer a secure connection to your business network, where you can access applications, file shares, and other server resources.
  • Splashtop Business lets you remotely control the desktop of your work computer from a home computer, tablet / iPad, even a smart phone.
  • PRR’s managed endpoint protection makes sure that any outside computer which connects to your business network is safe and secure – just like the computers in your office.

Remote access is not one-size-fits-all. Contact us today for a custom solution that fits your exact needs and stays within your budget.