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How Hack-Friendly is Your Password?

Just look at the difference a few more characters and a bit more complexity in your password can make! Embedded from Infographics Showcase This chart doesn’t show it, but if you take this even further – say 16 characters – the password becomes more trouble than it is worth, even for a “Pro” hacker. Having […]

Even older operating systems need to be kept updated

Many customers with older computers don’t bother to keep their systems updated. After all, it’s worked all this time, so why worry about all this new stuff? And, of course, the longer you leave it, the more of a pain it is to actually do the update: it’ll take hours, and probably break everything or […]

10 signs your computer has a virus

To finish off our month of virus awareness, here’s a simple checklist to help you figure out whether your computer is infected. If your computer is suffering from any of these symptoms, take action right away. If you’re not sure what to do to detect and eradicate viruses, get help immediately. Don’t continue using the […]

DDOS: what is it?

When your favorite site gets knocked offline by hackers, it’s often attributed to a DDOS attack, or Distributed Denial Of Service. But what is that, and how does it work?  This handy infographic also explains what zombie computers and botnets are, and why it’s important for every one of us to keep our computers secure […]

Viruses: know your enemy

Before we go any further into our look at viruses, let’s start off by explaining some of the terminology and background. This will help you if you you think you have a problem and you need to discuss with a professional what’s going on and what needs to be done about it. (Click through for full […]