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How Hack-Friendly is Your Password?

Just look at the difference a few more characters and a bit more complexity in your password can make! Embedded from Infographics Showcase This chart doesn’t show it, but if you take this even further – say 16 characters – the password becomes more trouble than it is worth, even for a “Pro” hacker. Having […]

Peeping Tom site shows why you should always change default passwords

These days, it’s not just computers that have passwords. More and more devices can be connected to the Internet or wi-fi: routers, printers, security cameras, or home environmental controls. Obviously security is an important issue: after all, you don’t want someone taking over your home. But how many of us don’t bother to change the […]

How safe is my cloud data?

Over the last week, there’s been a lot of media attention about leaked photos of celebrities that were allegedly stolen from iCloud or other online services. That’s worry for those of us who store their own documents and photos online, especially if our phones are set up to automatically sync with cloud services. So, naturally, […]

Better passwords – made easy

Passwords are a real problem, aren’t they? You’re supposed to come up with something memorable, so you think of a word that means something to you. But you’re not supposed to do that because someone might guess it and password cracking programs will try all the real words first anyway. So you change a few […]

Let me guess your password…

Smartphone app developer SplashData recently released their annual list of the most common passwords. Is yours among them? If so, you really should change it – now! The top 25 are: 123456 password 12345678 qwerty abc123 123456789 111111 1234567 iloveyou adobe123 123123 sunshine 1234567890 letmein photoshop 1234 monkey shadow sunshine 12345 password1 princess azerty trustno1 […]