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RingCentral Call Forwarding Not Working [Solved]

I was setting up a new RingCentral call forwarding extension for a client today, a very simple setup where we wanted the lone extension to forward to a land line. And it just wasn’t working. We’d call the main RingCentral phone number, and it would just ring and ring but the land line would not […]

Ring Central. Business phones, simplified.

Modern businesses need a much more flexible attitude to phones than they did even a few years ago. Old-style phone systems just don’t meet the needs of today’s companies – at least not without a lot of hassle and expense. Ten years ago, most businesses could make do with a switchboard, an answering machine, a […]

RingCentral launches Business SMS

We’ve been asking them for this for awhile, it’s finally here!

How to get your custom RingCentral greetings sounding great

Having trouble getting a “professional” sound from your custom RingCentral greetings? When you record them through a telephone, they lack clarity; when you upload high quality sound files, they come out distorted with raspy “s” consonants. What to…

Nine Amazing Things You Can Now Do in the Cloud

Here are some pretty amazing business-related things you can now do inexpensively online (“in the cloud”) with only (or mostly) just a web browser. Not so long ago, you had to buy expensive software or hardware to do these things… now you can do…