RingCentral Call Forwarding Not Working [Solved] | PRR

by Phil Rice
8 years ago

I was setting up a new RingCentral call forwarding extension for a client today, a very simple setup where we wanted the lone extension to forward to a land line. And it just wasn’t working. We’d call the main RingCentral phone number, and it would just ring and ring but the land line would not receive the call.

Then I tried the same settings but used my mobile phone – and everything worked great.

So I got on the phone with RingCentral support, and they found the setting which was getting in the way of forwarding. It didn’t strike me as terribly intuitive, so I thought I’d share it here.

On the extension in question, under Call Handling & Forwarding, there is a button labeled “Incoming Call Information.”

In the window that button opens, there is a section labeled “Play announcement before connecting” for “Direct calls.”  The default selection there is “For non-RingCentral phones only” but what it needs to be for this scenario is: “Never.”

Once we changed that setting, call forwarding began working exactly as it should.

Hope this helps someone out there with a similar issue.

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  • Dan Gomiller says:

    Thank you!

  • Michael says:

    I don’t have the 24/7 support and was trying to figure out why my calls weren’t being answered by our call answering services voicemail service after hours but instead going to RingCentral’s voicemail after 30 seconds.

    Saved me a weekend of troubleshooting.


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