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by Andrew Turkhurst
3 years ago

Promotional videos are a great way to get your company out there. Not only do they look professional, but they can also help you reach customers who might not otherwise know about your product or service. Creating the perfect video is easier than it seems—all you need are these 6 tips!

Make your video short and sweet – keep it under 30 seconds

Having a good length for your video can be hard. Try keeping it short and sweet with under 30 seconds of footage. This will help you avoid having long-drawn-out videos that lose interest quickly. This is especially important when you are crowdsourcing video production since you want to keep the audience engaged. Many brands find that 15-30 second videos are more effective than 60 seconds or longer.

Asking questions that remain unanswered can be frustrating. Try to ask at least one question in your video that the audience will want an answer for — and then deliver on it! That way, they’ll keep watching to see what happens next rather than scrolling down or clicking away from your page.

Include a call-to-action – have them visit your website or share it with friends and family.

Your viewers should know exactly where you want them to go after watching your promotional video. Include something as simple as “visit our website” near the end of the clip so people know how to stay connected with you.

Keep the message clear and concise

It can be tempting to try and cram a lot of information into one video. However, it’s important that your message is clear and concise so you don’t lose the interest of your viewers! Try keeping everything under three key points for a simple yet effective promotional video. If you have more time or resources available, feel free to add additional topics in separate videos or articles.

Getting too fancy with fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. — can take away from what’s really important: YOUR VIDEO CONTENT. Keeping things clean and crisp will help keep people focused on what they should actually be paying attention to — YOURSELF AND YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE!

Video quality is one of the most important aspects to consider when making promotional videos. Make sure that everything looks professional and clean by using clear shots, high-quality backgrounds, or other visual elements like color schemes. Including people in your video helps establish a more relatable connection with viewers who can better relate to actual humans than talking heads.

Showcase what you do best

Your promotional video should showcase what makes your company great. This can include a good sense of humor, unique products, and services, or even some behind-the-scenes insights on how you make everything happen. Try creating videos that show off new pieces of equipment, upcoming projects (for engineering companies), etc. Again — think about who is watching this video and why they would care to watch it in the first place!

Having fun with your audience through using props like inflatable hammers for construction companies or silly costumes for children’s events will help keep viewers engaged since it provides something different than just an average product demonstration. It gives them more personality too which creates lasting connections between brands and consumers.

Create an original song to go along with your video 

If you want to go above and beyond for your promotional video, try making an original song that accompanies it. This will make it more interesting (and maybe even shareable) than just a regular commercial. If creating an original song isn’t feasible, consider one of the affordable and legal music licensing options. Recent studies have shown that people are less likely to remember information if they don’t hear or see anything about the product for at least 30 seconds — so why not give them something catchy?

Use graphics in your video to make them more interesting 

Another great way to keep your promotional video interesting is by including captivating graphics and other visual elements. However, you do it — just make sure that the graphics help illustrate what’s going on in the actual script so people don’t get lost while watching.

Don’t forget to share it on social media either. 

Even if you don’t have much of an audience yet, sharing your promotional video on social media can help spread the word. It’s also another way for people to share it with their friends and family which increases brand awareness overall.

Highlight what is most important

Don’t forget to highlight what’s most important! Your promotional video should have a clear point focusing on why people would care in the first place. This can include showcasing your best products, services, or achievements which will help make a lasting impression with viewers who might not otherwise know about you from watching that one time.

Promotional videos should be fun for viewers – not boring! By using these tips together along with a little creativity from yourself – you will have an amazing end result which everyone will enjoy watching again and again. In short – Promotional Videos are one of THE BEST ways to advertise anything today because they’re easy to create (and cheap) yet effective at getting your message across and providing lasting impressions.


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