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by Andrew Turkhurst
3 years ago

Office tools are the basic tools required to accomplish what you need for work. These tools can be used for anything from common tasks such as getting an internet connection to performing simple everyday processes such as filing. Furthermore, some of these tools can be used outside of the office for personal tasks such as working on your car or doing household chores. Here is a list of six of some of the most important tools you’ll want to have in your office.

A Letter Folder

This is one of the most basic items every office should have. A letter folder can be used to file anything from important documents to sensitive materials. They are also the safest type of folders because they cannot be easily opened by people who don’t already know about their contents, which makes them an invaluable tool for taking homework or transporting secret documents. When choosing one, here’s what to look out for:


They are made out of a variety of materials including plastic, leather, and metal. Plastic ones are more inexpensive while leather ones can be purchased in sets along with other office supplies such as pen holders and boxes. Metal ones may be preferred by people who have to take documents home frequently or want to use them for carrying important files around the office. 

Number of Pockets/Compartments

The number of pockets or compartments that this has depends largely on its size and design. You can buy various types ranging from simple 1-pocket folders to 4-compartment models that are great for separating different types of documents.

Folder Labels

These are used to mark folders with a short description of the contents inside. This is an absolute requirement for any office as it helps you keep track of where everything is and makes it easy for people to know what a folder contains. Most people print these labels on paper and stick them onto the front pockets of their folders, but there are also versions that can be printed directly from electronic files such as those from Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. 

A Document Folder

This type of folder is specifically for storing important documents. They are made out of durable materials such as leather and often come with an extra pocket on the inside so you can easily insert and remove papers without having to open up the entire cover. 

Most document folders are made out of either leather, plastic, or polyester fabric. Leather ones provide a richer feel and more durability but they’re also more expensive than other types. Plastic ones may be cheaper but aren’t as tough as their counterparts making them better for use around the office than at home where they might take some abuse from family members! Polyester fabrics are probably the best choice because they offer lightweight, affordable, and can be easily wiped clean.


This type of folder is usually used by people who have a lot of loose sheets they need to carry around. They are often made out of durable materials such as leather and can be found in various sizes. Most people use binders at home for personal projects such as studying or keeping track of receipts, but the office is also another good place because it allows you to manage all your documents into a single container that’s easy to carry around. 

A Paper Cutter

This tool is used by people who work independently or who have projects that require them to make copies of text documents often. It’s composed of a sharp blade that runs along a flat surface and is used to cut paper sheets into smaller pieces so they can be fed into the copy machine. Paper trimmers also come in various sizes, depending on how much cutting you need to do. You can find compact versions that are small enough to fit inside your office drawer for those instances when you only need to make minor adjustments. For people who work with large and bulky papers such as maps and blueprints, there are also heavy-duty versions that have extra wide blades and larger cutting boards for more expansive tasks.

A Stapler

This tool is composed of two main parts: the stapling component which pushes out staples from underneath as it’s pressed down, and the base where all the staples are stored. It’s used for creating several copies of the same document by punching the paper against a metal plate with lots of tiny holes in it. One or two rows of these holes are punched through the page, so when you place them all together, they form one long strip which is then pressed down onto another piece of paper to create multiple copies.

While this list isn’t exhaustive and there are lots of other useful tools that you may want to have in your office, these six will definitely come in handy for most people. From basic supplies such as paper folders to more advanced items like document trimmers and heavy-duty staplers, it’s important for any business owner to have a good collection on hand.


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