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by Gina Owens
3 years ago

Social media is one of the best places to advertise your business or product. The cost is minimal, and you can reach hundreds of customers fast if done correctly. The most popular social media site for advertising is Facebook Ads. With so many users every day, your advertisement will be seen by a lot of people in no time flat! But, do not go thinking that just because you paid $20 on an ad to Facebook that thousands of people are going to see it and flock to you as their new favorite business. There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Facebook advertisements. Keep reading this article for everything you need to know about Facebook Ads! 

Ad Funnels

Ad funnels is a method that should be used more by those who own their own specific website set up for their products or services. An ecommerce facebook ad funnel is basically having different ads pointing to the same landing page, usually with one ad being way more appealing than the other so as to catch your target audience’s attention as much as possible! This proves to be useful because you may not always know what type of person will be clicking on an advertisement; an example would be if you’re selling dog toys online and advertise them through AdWords (Google Ads), then people who are searching for cat toys might end up seeing your advertisement and decide to click on it instead. 

What to Post On Your Facebook Page

One way to advertise your business on Facebook is to use your own page. Every day, people are joining Facebook and sharing their lives in the form of statuses, photos, etc. If you have a business or product that serves teenagers or young adults, then posting things targeted at them on your wall will definitely get you the attention you want! This seems very easy when it comes down to it; after all, what do teenagers love? Entertainment. So if you tell them about an awesome new movie coming out in 3 weeks’ time for only $5 per ticket at your local theatre, they’ll probably be interested in checking out more information! 

Use Other People’s Timelines

Another way to advertise your business or product is by using someone else’s timeline! As stated before, many individuals are constantly updating their timelines with statuses and photos for everyone around the world (and maybe even beyond) to see. So if you put an advertisement up on someone’s wall for something specific enough (just not spamming!), then it will definitely be seen by others as well! An example would be if you’re selling clothing for men, then posting on men’s walls will get the most views! On the other hand, if your business or product is aimed towards women, then you should post on their timelines. This goes for both teenagers and young adults too! Remember to stay in the target demographic of your business when using this method!

Facebook Groups

Take a look at all of the groups that are available on Facebook because there are tons of people joining them every day! As stated before, teenagers join groups; everything from politics to religion to music can be found in one group or another. So when it comes down to advertising your business or product through groups…..don’t do it if it does not appeal (or relate, depending on the group topic) to the majority of people in there! There’s nothing wrong with advertising your product or business but if it’s not what those people are looking for, then you will just lose their interest and look bad at the same time.

Facebook Live

Something that is quite popular right now is Facebook live videos! This feature allows you to show everyone your screen while broadcasting it at the same time so that viewers can see what you’re seeing in real-time! If your business or product has something to do with technology, then using Facebook Live is a great way to advertise because people are always interested in learning more about new updates in technology; maybe even asking questions related to what they’ve watched! This will allow even more people to see your business as well as the comments that other viewers leave behind about their thoughts and opinions on what they’ve watched.

Facebook is a very useful social media platform that can be used to advertise your business or product! It’s easy because everyone uses it and there are so many different things you can do with it! As long as you stay within the target demographic of your business, then you should see some good results from using Facebook to promote your brand!


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