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by Gina Owens
2 years ago

PowerPoint became one of the most widely used tools for making presentations for various purposes. The main aim of making these presentations is to put the essence on the slides and therefore inform the target audience about the topic. Presenters can be of any type, presenting all the different topics, yet PowerPoint presentations are the universal tool for going beyond the boundaries and creating a perfect space for you to operate. In any scenario, the most important part is to deliver the correct message and form a connection with the audience. There are some hacks that will make your presentation stand out, and some of them you can find in the following text.

Slides Design 

It is all about the topic and theme of your presentation that will, later on, serve you as the basis for all other elements, like the content you will incorporate in your slides, and how you will deliver your message to the targeted audience. Think of your presentation as a whole where every element functions together including the slide designs. The design of your slides is the first thing that your listener will notice. This, however, does not mean that you should spend long hours in their design, with a pre-designed PowerPoint template you will spare some time while making your slides look outstanding. These templates are available all over the Internet, and you will definitely be able to find the one suiting your topic the best. 

Be a Good Presenter, Deliver Your Message 

No matter what is the content on your slides, you should put your effort into delivering the message to your audience. Remember, slides should contain only the essence of your topic while you are the main character expanding the story. Contents of the slides are not for you but your audience and you must make sure that everything you are putting on them is visible and comprehensive. It is not the point for you to re-read the context of slides and let it dominate your presentation. Slides, in your presentation, are only the tool to lead your audience and you through structured speech, not to serve as the ultimate means of message delivery. 


It is helpful to think about your slides and other content as presentation aids, as ways to involve more of the senses of your audience, which can make your message more memorable. Graphics should be an artistic way for you to express the ideas of your presentations. You may sometimes use graphs exclusively to convey information to your audience, which is great for holding their attention throughout since they must exert some effort to understand the graphs and stay up with your explanations. Graphs are a super-easy way to graphically depict your ideas and make an overall better impression. 


Animations are not always a good idea when it comes to presentations. In certain situations, these animations may seem too distracting and will make your presentation seem unprofessional. It is fine to use a single transition applied to the entire presentation, but having a whole variety of the different animations will just ruin the overall impression. On the other hand, animations can be used, not overused, for highlighting some of the most essential instances. However, depending on the very nature of the presentation, you can use some other ways to highlight the main instances such as colors, lines, and borders. 

Support Your Talk With Slides 

Use your slides as the template, or the skeleton of your speech. You should not understand your presentation as the script and actively read from them, on the contrary, you should construct your speech so that the slides accompany your presentation. Create your slides so that they will supply your ideas actively and progressively, by following your speech. It is essential for you to enjoy presenting and not letting the slides take over the flow and speak for themselves.

KISS Principle 

Keeping it short and simple is one of the best principles you can apply to your slides and this means that you should be careful not to overcrowd your slides and make unconscious mistakes, like making your audience read keywords from the slides task impossible. This is why it is the best option when making your presentation to keep all the information, data, and statistics minimal. Additionally, some blank space will create contrast with the text and graphics and therefore make all the contents of the slides more visible. 

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most efficient means you can use to your advantage in making presentations and fantastic impressions when used properly. You should always bear in mind that these presentations are the means you use to construct your talk instead of letting it speak on its own.


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