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by Phil Rice
2 years ago

I’ve encountered countless people over the years who struggle with a reliable process for scanning documents at home. The manufacturers HP, Brother, Epson, and others all have different processes and software they provide or recommend, but we find those solutions break on a regular basis for a variety of reasons, including a failure by the vendor to keep their software up to date, or in some cases due to a Windows Update or a change in the Windows version.

At long last, we have found a solution that is manufacturer-independent, using freely available software. We’ve tested this setup on Windows 10 and Windows 11, and we have good reason to think it would work well for Windows 7 too, if you’re still on that older version of Windows.

The software is called NAPS2, available at and as long as there is basic working communication between your computer and your printer/scanner, this solution should work great for you too.

Check out our video walkthrough below for a step-by-step setup. If you are in our local service area and you’d rather we set this up for you instead of doing it yourself, feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

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