Comcast POP3 Email Changes for Nov 2018 - PRR Computers, LLC

by Phil Rice
6 years ago

Comcast recently announced that they are making changes to the settings required to connect to their email servers via a POP3 connection.

Effective November 14, 2018, users who are connecting to their Comcast email with the incorrect POP3 settings will stop receiving email until their settings are updated.

If you check your email on your smartphone, or in a computer program like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail, it is possible you use a POP3 connection for your incoming email.  If so, you’ll need to get those settings updated to continue receiving email on your Comcast account.

Comcast has provided some instructions for checking and updating these settings yourself. If you’d rather have some assistance updating these settings, please contact us at 239-244-1579 and we will help you make arrangements to get your devices updated.

Note that you don’t have to wait until November 14 to perform the update, you can update your settings sooner if you would prefer.


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