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by Gina Owens
2 weeks ago

Your resume is more than a document listing your skills and qualifications. A resume introduces you to prospective employers, and this means you want to put your best foot forward, in this case, a professional-looking resume. 

While most people sit down at their laptops or desktop computers, some are trying to create a resume on a smaller screen. Yes, we’re talking about devices like phones. So, is it possible to make a resume on my phone? The answer is yes… but it comes with a few stipulations. 

How to Create a Resume on a Mobile Phone

Something you don’t want to forget is the screen size. As you probably already know, there’s a noticeable difference in screen size between a laptop and a phone. While this may not seem like a big deal at first, it’s going to be when you start creating your resume.

A good tip to remember, if your resume is hard to read on your phone it’s probably not going to be much better for a job recruiter. This means you’re probably going to want to skip using traditional resume-building tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and even Apple Pages. Yes, these tools are great, especially when you start accessing the included features like the resume templates. 

However, they’re a pain to work with on a smaller screen and this can lead to mistakes in your resume. Even a misaligned paragraph can have a recruiter sending your resume to the bottom of the stack. So, how can you create a professional resume on a mobile device?

You’ll need to expand your selection of tools to include a resume builder designed specifically for use on smaller screens.

Why Use a Resume Builder for Smaller Screens

Okay, you already know using more traditional resume creators like the ones from Google or Microsoft isn’t great when you’re on a small screen. Everything from typing to formatting is a pain, and it’s incredibly easy to make and miss mistakes.

However, after downloading a resume builder designed specifically for phones, all of this becomes noticeably easier. Some of the resume builders also come with helpful tools like custom templates ready for use. 

The templates are pretty similar to what you find with Microsoft and Google, but you may even be able to take advantage of some new formats. Don’t forget resume templates are constantly changing and you may be able to find an updated version.

Some of the best resume builders also come with a questionnaire. Just answer a few simple questions and the tool takes care of filling in your information. If typing on your phone gives you a headache, this simple feature can make the process go more smoothly. 
You may even be able to take advantage of pre-written skills and bullet points. However, before you start clicking on the accept button, make sure everything pre-supplied is accurate. In other words, don’t use pre-filled information that isn’t true. Lying on your resume comes with consequences that can follow you around for the remainder of your career.


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