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by Matt Kelland
11 years ago

We all do it! We eat and drink, and sometimes we do it around our work area. That’s multi-tasking! Any computer professional will tell you, if at all possible, don’t eat or drink near computers, but… things do happen!

Spilling liquid on the keyboard can short the computer out.

If a spill happens:

  1. Immediately turn off your computer.
  2. Disconnect the keyboard and flip it over. 
  3. While the keyboard is upside down, blot the keys with a paper towel and leave it to air dry overnight. 
  4. Make sure that all traces of moisture have evaporated before using the keyboard again. 

Laptop spills need more attention because liquids can easily penetrate the keyboard and damage internal parts. 

  1. Immediately turn off the laptop and remove any external power source and other items plugged into it. 
  2. Turn the laptop over, remove the battery, and then bring it to your nearest repair center to check for internal damage. 
  3. Blowing compressed air into the keyboard and letting your computer air dry upside down overnight are not enough, liquids can sit inside a laptop for days.

If something like this happens, remember us – we are here to help. We don’t charge for diagnostics and we don’t judge for mistakes.


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