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by Phil Rice
13 years ago

Not too long ago, I installed a Logitech QuickCan Orbit MP webcam in a conference room for a company’s use with Skype.  In order to mount it at the desired height and cleanly concealed behind the wall-mounted TV screen, we opted to affix it upside down and then use Logitech’s software to invert the image vertically.  In short, the camera was upside down and was told to flip its image upside down, so the result was a right-side-up image.


Everything was working great, but this week I suddenly got a call that the webcam image was appearing upside down.  I showed up expecting to just head into Settings and vertically flip the image once again… only to find that the software no longer had an option to do so.

It turns out that version 2.3 of the Logitech Webcam Software disables this functionality, and Logitech has known about it for over a year.  I thought it pretty safe to assume that it’s not a high priority fix.  So I simply uninstalled that version of the software and reinstalled the old one (version 1.1), and the ability to vertically flip the image was restored.

Then we just made sure automatic updating was turned off for the Logitech software, so the upgrade wouldn’t automatically break the feature again in the future.

As a general rule, I tend to encourage people to download driver and software updates when they are available, as they often contain security fixes.  But every so often you run into a situation like this, where an upgrade breaks something.  Luckily, Logitech made it very easy to find the older version and the whole problem was sorted in no time.

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