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by Andrew Turkhurst
3 years ago

Dates can be awkward at the best of times. They’re stressful, intimidating, and sometimes uncomfortable. If you’re having someone over to your house or you will be giving them a lift to a bar or restaurant, then you’ll need to make the perfect playlist. A playlist can set the tone for a fantastic night. A playlist can also lighten the mood and help the conversation flow.

You need to make sure that the playlist that you create is appropriate. If you play over-sexualized music, it could make your date uncomfortable.

This article will tell you how to make the perfect playlist for a date:

Keep Up to Date

If you have to create a playlist, then it’s worth staying up to date on the latest music. If there’s a particularly good song in the charts, then you might want to include it. By including new music, you stay relevant. If your playlist consists of old music, your date may feel like they’ve stepped into a time portal. There’s a lot of new music out there for you to discover, so keep up to date.

Variety Is Key

Variety is the key to a captivating playlist. With that said, you mustn’t allow your playlist to become muddled. It should flow seamlessly. Make sure that you incorporate a variety of genres and musicians into your playlist. Showing that you’re a person with an eclectic taste in music can make you appear much more attractive to your date if they’re a music lover themselves.

Create a Theme

When you’re creating a playlist, you need to create a theme. Creating your podcast with a theme in mind can be a great way to help it to flow. Themes can help you to curate your playlist and select songs more effectively.

Finding Your Music

There are many ways to source music online. One of the best ways is to forgo signing up to expensive services like Spotify and to download the music from YouTube for free. According to the music specialists from Viddly, you can download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4 format. When you have your music downloaded, you can then create your playlist.

When you’re downloading music online, you must ensure that you download the audio and not the video. If you download copyrighted videos without permission, you can get into trouble.

Think About Your Date

If you know what type of music your date enjoys, then include that in your playlist. Showing your date that you enjoy the same music as them will be a great way to ingratiate yourself to them. It’s also a great way to start a conversation. If you don’t know what type of music your date enjoys, try to go through their social media history and see if they have shared any music.

And Yourself Too…

You should make sure that you also include music that you love in your playlist. While you should definitely try to accommodate your date, you also need to think about yourself. You’ll be very uncomfortable if you have to sit listening to music that you dislike during your date. Don’t fill your playlist with your favorite music, but definitely include some. You never know, you and your date might share a passion for a particular song or an artist.


If you’re going to be having dinner at your house, then you’ll need to structure your playlist effectively. You need to plan your playlist according to the different stages of the night. For when your date arrives, play upbeat music, and as the night progresses, slow it down.

If you’re just going to be picking up your date and driving somewhere, then you should keep your playlist upbeat at first, then as you’re driving home, you can slow it down.


Creating a playlist should be fun. It shouldn’t be a chore. Get creative, get carried away, and enjoy yourself. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality through music.

Your date is going to make judgments about you based on the type of music that you listen to. For example, researchers have shown that people who listen to R&B and soul music are more likely to be perceived as relaxed and kind. People who prefer music like jazz are often perceived to be more technical and detailed.

Use your playlist as a way to express yourself to your date. Show them who you really are. Don’t include music that you don’t like, because it might give your date the wrong impression of who you are.

Picking the perfect playlist doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, armed with this article, you’ll never have trouble creating a playlist again. Remember: use your playlist as a way to express yourself, and have fun.


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