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by Andrew Turkhurst
3 years ago

Businesses around the world are implementing more and more business processes. More processes require more security, however. Fortunately, there are many business solutions that allow you to manage your IT resources effectively and deploy new technologies when you need them so you can meet today’s stringent requirements for developing more reliable and highly available applications at a reduced cost. This article discusses the importance of streamlining these processes to reduce exposure and how to safeguard them.

What is a Process?

A process is usually defined as a series of steps that accomplish some task. Business processes range from the simple (e..g, receiving an incoming telephone call) to highly complex (approving a loan application). No matter how complicated they may be, business processes must comply with basic principles for efficient operations. Good business processes are important because they help your company achieve its mission by enabling each employee to do his or her job properly. If a company has proper business processes in place, it will be more profitable than one without them. The customer service department needs good processes for handling incoming telephone calls while the accounts receivable department must have well-developed processes for sending out bills on time. 

Business practices should be reviewed periodically to make sure they are still relevant. In addition, because of the rapid advancement of technology and changing business needs, many companies have re-engineered their processes over the past few years to give and have led to increased levels of PCI Compliance thereby making business processes more secure. As a result, many employees now need additional education regarding new ways to accomplish their tasks. Today’s employees must be well educated on how to use computer-based methods as much as possible because they help companies improve productivity and deliver better customer service at a lower cost.

Talk to the Experts

According to a recent study, many businesses think that the implementation of effective security measures is a primary objective. In fact, 66 percent of surveyed companies indicated that this was their top priority. However, only 44 percent said they understood how to develop secure business processes and merely 17 percent said that they were able to implement them successfully in practice. This means that you should focus on streamlining your business processes and ensuring they are secure. You can partner with a security solutions provider to ensure that your business processes are secure. This way, you can get the information and services needed to implement practices that will help protect your organization’s IT infrastructure. Additionally,  you can reduce expenses by avoiding fines due to non-compliance with standards such as the PCI-DSS.

Different Types of Threats Facing Businesses

Every business is exposed to a wide range of security threats, including Malicious software such as viruses and worms. These malicious programs can be carried in e-mail messages by spammers or they can be planted on company servers through hacked websites. Covertly recording data while it passes over the network. Criminals may use this practice for stealing information that could eventually be used to perpetrate identity theft. Attacks on a computer system’s logical architecture, which mean that criminals attempt to take control of application software and impede its normal operation. Inappropriate usage, which occurs when employees make indiscreet use of their computers within the workplace. When this type of behavior involves access to sensitive information or resources, it can be dangerous for the business. When you have properly streamlined your business processes and made them more secure, you will see that there are many benefits to your company including reduced costs, improved productivity, higher levels of security, better customer service, and an overall competitive edge. 

Streamlining Your Business Processes

 Streamlining your business processes will help you accomplish the following: Handle increased amounts of electronic data more efficiently. Access information from around the world in a matter of seconds, making it possible to offer improved customer service and respond more quickly to emergencies. Improve company productivity by cutting costs and improving existing services. Streamline business process management and make them more secure will help your employees perform their jobs more effectively and be better equipped for success when interacting with customers. You can focus on streamlining your business processes by executing Web-based deployments that allow you to manage IT resources well and deploy new technologies when you need them so you can meet today’s stringent requirements for developing higher levels of security.

It’s important for companies to focus on updated software solutions that allow them to manage their IT resources so they can ensure both internal workflow efficiency and external security requirements are met. By implementing new technologies in this way, businesses are able to accomplish these tasks at reduced cost while also increasing levels of PCI compliance which ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information or resources available throughout the enterprise.


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