How You Get Hacked at Starbucks - PRR Computers, LLC

by Matt Kelland
11 years ago

The team at cybersecurity experts ThreatMetrix put together this superb infographic about the dangers of being hacked literally any time, any place – even when you’re innocently having a latte and a Danish. It’s wonderful to have the freedom to work or browse wherever it’s convenient, but you could be leaving yourself open to all sorts of threats.

If you’re using a shared wi-fi or hotspot, you’re potentially vulnerable. But there are other subtle dangers as well – that guy with the phone behind you could be filming you as you type in your PIN and photographing your credit card. And if you see a USB stick that’s been left behind on a table – don’t stick it into your laptop to find out what’s on it! It could be a Trojan.

Be security-conscious when you’re on the move, and ensure that your mobile devices are as protected as your home or office equipment.

Infographic: How You Get Hacked at Starbucks

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