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by Phil Rice
13 years ago

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You’ve got a large folder full of files to copy, you click-and-drag to copy it to its new location in Windows Explorer… and somewhere in there is a file that has trouble being copied, for one reason or another.  What happens?  Windows gives an error message, and then aborts the entire copy operation.  One file with a problem, and yet the whole list of files is punished.

Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier was made precisely for situations like this.  Just last night, I had ninety (90) gigabytes of data to copy from an old hard drive to the client’s new laptop.  The old hard drive wasn’t in perfect shape, nor were its files.  If I’d relied solely on the built-in Windows Explorer to perform this operation, who knows how much hand holding I’d have to give it to make it succeed?


With the Unstoppable Copier, I was able to start the copy operation, and work on something else entirely while it did its thing – knowing from experience that it would live up to its name and, well, not stop!  When I came back to the computer a couple hours later, the copy was completed, and I had a detailed list of the 138 files (out of 40,000+) which had failed due to read errors.  I could then focus further recovery efforts on just those files, rather than have the entire copy operation fail when it encountered them.

If you’re moving a large quantity of files from point A to point B, give Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier a try.  Did I mention it’s freely available and supported by donations?

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