No Foolin' - PRR Computers, LLC

by Phil Rice
12 years ago

I seem to have a thing for strange beginnings.  Just ask me or my wife some time about the chronology of events leading up to our marriage, it’s quite a tale.

Two years ago today – yes, on April Fools’ Day – marks the first day PRR Computers was our full time family occupation.  The decision to launch a service-driven IT company took place a year prior to that, it started up part time and mobile in September of 2009, and became an LLC in November of 2009.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was several months after April 1… and the shop opened about a year after that.  Sheesh, it gets confusing.

But April 1 is what we consider our “anniversary” for this little family business, and so we’re officially entering our third year of operation.  We’re excited about how far we’ve come, and we’re even more excited about what the future holds.  Above all else, we’re so tremendously grateful to you, our customers and supporters, for spreading the word.

Word of mouth really is king.  You’ve proven it.

I do enjoy April Fools’ day for other reasons, of course.  It’s fun to see what various people and companies come up with to commemorate this day of spoofing.  The first one I saw this year was this video by Google, and I thought, “Yeah… perfect!”


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