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by Andrew Turkhurst
4 weeks ago

If you’re not sure whether you want to switch to iPhone or possibly want to make an upgrade but can’t make up your mind, you should look into the new features that are coming out this year. For many reasons, Apple is spiffing up iPhone features and making them more attractive than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the hottest trends on the iPhone market.

Total freedom of app arrangement

The idea of being able to arrange your apps and widgets isn’t new, but Apple has extended the idea of app freedom and brought it to a whole new level. Not only can you arrange your app icons any way you like, you can make them variable sizes and prioritize them in multiple different ways. You can even change the back coloring of some of your icons to suit different purposes. 

So, if you want to make your life more organized, prioritize your favorite or most important activities, or even just give your phone a new look, you can now do this in any number of ways with the new iPhone. And, if you really want to create your own custom look, you can check out free iPhone mockups at https://www.ls.graphics/mockups/free-iphone-mockup

Customizable control center

You want to have a control center that does what you want, not just what Apple thinks you should want. Therefore, the new iPhone has a fully customizable control center that will allow you to arrange things as you wish. Because of the added features of iOS18, the control center is much longer than before. It now consists of several pages. But you can arrange and prioritize these pages and their component icons as you wish.

Overhauled photos app

The photos app has received a total overhaul and is now easier than ever to use. The app now allows you to see both your library and the corresponding grid together on one screen, and you have a clear timeline so that you can see which pictures you took at what time. 

The phone can also detect when you’ve gone to different regions at different times, and can group your photos together accordingly. This way, it is easy to find things that you did on specific occasions or at certain places and just pull them up without any problem.

Upgraded messages app

The messages app is also something that has undergone a reboot. For one thing, you can add fun features to your messages, including all manner of emojis and stickers. This isn’t an entirely new concept, of course, but there is now a massive volume of options available. There are also more editorial options available, including the use of boldface, italics, and strikeouts.

The messaging app also provides you with more sophisticated features such as scheduling your messages. And, what’s really cool is that certain models also allow you to send through satellite connections. 

Website summaries

Do you ever want to get the gist of websites without having to drudge through the entire site? Well, if you have Safari on your new iPhone there is now a feature that will do this for you. Simply click on the option and the app will summarize websites and bring out important information such as product lines, people, entertainment options, etc.

Using this feature can save you a lot of time and effort. If you’re looking for quick information on any kind of service, company, or entertainment option, you will get what you want much more easily with the summary feature.

Game mode

If you’re a gaming fanatic, you will love this feature. You can now put your phone fully into game mode. Game mode puts you fully in the mode of being at a console with just the length and width of your phone. Your phone will come to life as all background material disappears and you get the maximum video and audio quality possible while you play.


If you haven’t yet switched to iPhone, now is a good time to think about it. New and upgraded features make the latest phones more sleek, functional, and personalized. Regardless of your priorities, you will find them easier to use than anything else out there.


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