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by Andrew Turkhurst
3 years ago

It is impossible to imagine any modern learning process without using a laptop or PC. However, choosing the most fitting device for studies is not an easy task. The fact is that the different operating systems have their unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. Below you will find the freshest information about the modern operating systems, as well as the advantages offered to all students

Determine Your Learning Goals First 

There is nothing new that there are many learners who combine studying and working. Moreover, there are thousands of students who prefer starting to build a successful career and don’t spend enough time doing their academic assignments. 

Is it possible to hire someone to do my homework? This is the most common question asked by crowds of learners. If you are one of those who regularly use essay order online service, feel free to choose a laptop with any operating system. The fact is that buying a paper doesn’t require using any special computer software, so you can place orders on the device with any OS. You can find an essay helper quickly and easily online. However, if you decide to complete all your college assignments by yourself, it is necessary to choose an operating system more attentively. 

Top Operating Systems For Learning 

Most experts and professionals in education believe that the most fitting operating systems for effective learning are Windows, macOS, and Chrome. All of them are easy to use and incredibly convenient. However, each OS has its pros and cons. Let’s dive into the details of each operating system to discover more facts about each alternative. 


This operating system remains one of the leading solutions for students for decades. The latest versions are very convenient and contain a bunch of various programs for effective learning. It has an incredibly modern design, a tile-based main menu, and a handy search field.

If you would like to have a customizable operating system, Windows is likely to fit all your needs. You can find millions of wallpapers and countless utilities for your Windows desktop to make your learning process more comfortable. The themes also vary – feel free to choose any along with the light and dark tones. 

As for the features, Windows has many to please even the most demanding customers. You can do the research easily and quickly with Cortana, switch between desktop and touch-friendly mode in a couple of clicks, as well as find all the important notifications in a specially designed bar. Furthermore, it is very convenient to use the Action Center to quickly access all the necessary system features and parameters.

Windows has the largest number of compatible programs, tools, and utilities you can benefit from using during your studies. 


The second place among the most popular operating systems for learners goes to macOS. This operating system continues to be extremely popular for many years. The secret of its popularity is a handy and intuitively understandable design accompanied by hundreds of powerful functions and options. 

If you are looking for the newest features offered by macOS, here is a list you might be interested in:

  • Apple Spotlight
  • Sidebar (you can use your iPad as a gadget for second display)
  • Mac Messages (send messages to other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users via iMessage communication tool)
  • iCloud (file storage accessible on various devices and operating systems, including Windows)
  • iMovie (edit videos on the fly)
  • Final Cut Pro (expert video editing solution)

However, this OS doesn’t support full-touch capabilities. Moreover, the laptops based on macOS might appear to be expensive for many learners. 


This operating system is the youngest one on our list. Although it is relatively new on the market, it has already attracted millions of users all over the world. If you enjoy using Android on your smartphone, you are likely to enjoy using Chromebook. 

This operating system has a flawless design with dozens of customization options (the same as Windows does.)  It is incredibly easy to use Chrome browser, log in to your Google Account, and use the most popular Google apps on your device. According to most students, having a Chrome OS laptop is a handy alternative to old-school macOS and Windows. 

The operating system is very lightweight and can boot up in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it supports cloud sync and instant tethering to Android devices. If you are fond of using touch-sensitive apps, your Chrome OS laptop will also offer you this function. It is also possible to download hundreds of apps and utilities for your OS on the Google Play Store. 

If you are tired of using traditional Microsoft office, Chrome OS has a brilliant alternative for you. Google Office suite has countless powerful apps for doing homework, including Sheets, Docs, Slides, and others. 

Final Words 

Each of the operating systems mentioned above is top-notch and convenient. Feel free to choose any according to your individual needs and preferences. 

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