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by Andrew Turkhurst
1 month ago

Microsoft Project, as we know it today, was launched 40 years ago in 1984. It is still one of the world’s best project management software programs. This program can help you streamline and execute projects of any size. 

Microsoft Project provides a complete overview of projects to help guide you through each stage. 

If you have never used MS Project, you are missing out on enhanced time management and timely project completion. 

What Is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is marketed as software that assists project managers. It allows them to set up project schedules and add resources to different tasks. MS Project also makes it easy to track project progress and manage an allocated budget throughout.

The software offers a range of much-needed features. These features include Gantt charts, which allow project managers to visualize each project. The program also makes reporting easier so stakeholders are always updated on the project’s progress. 

When MS Project was first launched, it was known as Project Manager. Created by SuperProject Inc., Microsoft took over the software when it bought the company. Microsoft launched its official version, Microsoft Project 1.0, in 1984.

As with all its software programs, this one underwent many changes and upgrades. Each new feature made the program better and easier to work with. 

Towards the end of the 1990s, MS Project was finally integrated into the well-known MS Office Suite. This effectively allowed project managers to integrate MS Project with other programs like Word, Excel, and Outlook. 

When cloud computing and remote working became popular, Microsoft created cloud-based versions of the MS Project program. This allows teams to collaborate from different locations, ensuring projects are completed on time. 

What to Use Microsoft Project For

If you want to use MS Project for project management, the following features will work well for you:

Planning and Scheduling

The Gantt chart view within MS Project lets you visualize all tasks within a project. It also allows you to schedule these tasks and set deadlines. You can use the critical path analysis tool to identify critical tasks and monitor their progress. Doing this will help ensure that all your projects stay on track.

Task Control

With the task management interface provided by MS Project, you can set task priorities and give assignments to different team members. The built-in to-do list can help each project manager stay on top of their duties.

Assigning Resources

The program has several resource management tools. These tools allow you to assign resources to different tasks, track how these resources are used, and quickly resolve conflicting resources. 

Moreover, you can use the MS Project workload view to show each project manager where they should add more resources. Ultimately, this will help ensure team members can handle the workload.


If you are part of a global team, you can use MS Project’s collaboration tools to work with your team members. The program offers a dedicated workspace that each team member and project manager can access. Within this workspace, everyone can comment on issues related to a project or share important documents. 

Managing Budgets

You will never have to manually keep track of a budget again. MS Project provides expert budget management tools that will help you track all project expenses. It will also allow you to monitor these expenses to prevent wastage. Additionally, you get a cash flow view to ensure you do not run out of funds in the middle of a project. 

Reporting on Project Status

No matter how big or small your project is, you must report your progress to relevant stakeholders. Fortunately, the MS Project software has built-in reports for you. These reports include cost, project status, and resource utilization. The software also makes it easy to create custom reports when you need them.

Why Should You Use MS Project?

MS Project may not be the only project management program, but it is certainly one of the best. This software will help you increase productivity and complete projects before the deadline. 

It will also give you the insights you need into how well your project is progressing so that you can make changes when necessary. 

MS Project Will Work for Your Industry

If you run construction, IT, or manufacturing projects, MS Project is a must. These industries rely on timely project conclusions, which you can achieve with MS Project. 

Using MS Project correctly will help you master the art of project management and delivery. Plus, you will gain more confidence in the process. 

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