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by Phil Rice
3 years ago

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At PRR Computers, we have used TaxAct for years and find it to be a reliable and easy-to-use vendor for e-filing of income taxes each year.

We work with a number of customers who use TurboTax or other competing products. To be blunt, TaxAct blows them all away. First, it’s easy to file your return, and it all takes place in a secure web browser. Second, there is no new software to install each year. In addition, there are no old versions of software to maintain for prior years, or worry about when it’s time to change computers.

TaxAct‘s pricing is very competitive. In fact, in some cases it is free! Plus, their tips during the filing process are extremely helpful. Without a doubt, those tips have saved us money time and time again. Most importantly, the end result is a reliably filed professionally prepared return.

As tax season approaches yet again, if you’re on the fence about how to file your return, give TaxAct a try. For us, their name means taxes made easy. We would love to hear what your experience is like.

Refer a Friend to TaxAct® – you can earn a $20 Gift Card and your friends save 20% off* federal filing!

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