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by Andrew Turkhurst
2 years ago

The vast majority of users love to watch videos. Therefore, every business should take into account that building a great video marketing strategy should be a must. It doesn’t matter if you post clips on your business website, blog, or social media accounts. What matters is what you create.

Especially if you own a small business and have the intention to scale your business, then you have a great chance to raise brand awareness. You don’t need professional equipment or advanced editing or filming skills. The only important thing is to put yourself in the place of your customers and think about what they would be interested to know about your company.

Any shortcomings can now be quickly corrected using free video editing software, where even a non-professional can enjoy the process of creating a motion picture. All you need is an inspirational idea and its creative implementation.

However, creating funny videos will not help you build trust with your customers. You need to understand what content will be useful for users, which will lead them to purchase your products and services.

Brand story

When you want to establish a relationship with someone, you need to establish an emotional connection with your interlocutor. The same applies to your company, but you need to build a connection not with one interlocutor, but with numerous potential customers and loyal ones. In this regard, there is nothing better than creating a brand story.

Your company will inspire your customers if the chief director or the team that stood at the origins will tell people about how it all started, what the motivation was, and what successes the team has achieved. It can be tricky to figure out how to frame it all, so take a look at the great brand story examples to find inspiration and start the scripting process as well as the shooting process.

Once everything is ready, you can use this clip as part of your email marketing and send welcome videos to those who subscribe to your newsletter. Moreover, the importance of social media for any business should not be underestimated. If you are active on various social media accounts, posting such a story will have an impact on your success and gaining trust.

Explainer video

It’s not enough to just create a great product that a lot of people can use. For everyone to appreciate your efforts, as well as understand what criteria the product is great for, you need to explain what its value is.

You can present to the audience a picture of how this or that product was created, from the beginning of the collection of materials to the production process. You don’t have to film the entire production process, as it can turn into an hour-long tour that no one wants to watch. Instead, you can use animation in the form of a short video that is fun to watch.

In the post-processing stage of this type of video, you can add voice-overs to give explanations. Also, for ease of viewing, make sure that your clip has subtitles so that users can watch it even without sound, anywhere they are.

Product approval by customers

The most valuable criterion for potential customers is the presence of reviews and feedback, based on which they decide whether to buy a product or look further. Potential customers may look at many excellent product descriptions and specifications written by the company’s specialists, whose goal is to put the product in the best possible light, but this will not be a compelling reason for them. But the reviews of other people who have already used the product and approved it are a valuable source and motivator to make a purchase.

When you get customer testimonials, real ones and not fake ones, you can show other people the high quality of your work. Moreover, it will have a powerful effect not only on potential buyers but also on your company’s employees, who will receive positive feedback on their work.

When creating these clips, it’s best to focus on a few stories about how customers had a problem, how they looked for ways to solve it, how they found your product, how they used it, and how it helped.

Provide guidance and instructions

There are many complex and multifunctional products on the market that provide value to customers. If your product can perform not only one obvious function but be useful in different areas, then you can help your business become an expert in the eyes of customers. Buyers will be more willing to look at instructions from the company than from some third-party users.

For this, you can create countless tutorials, DIY clips, instructions, recommendations, and more. You need to do this in such a way as to describe the essence of your explanations in as simple a language. Try to look at this process not as a creator who understands everything, but as an ordinary consumer who may not know all the subtleties.

For such a video, it is better to create not just a script, but a sketch of your script using storyboard software. It will be easier for you to look at the visual range from the side of the composition, missing details, and other little things.

Social media marketing video

According to the numerous digital marketing tips you can find on the Internet, not only do you need to have a company website, but you also need to have a strong presence on various social platforms. These are the best places to post video ads that show compelling reasons to buy your product.

To do this, you need to play by the rules of social platforms and create content that is in great demand. For example, on TikTok, few people want to watch long clips that have an open call to action. You can just open the “Interesting” tab to understand what is now in great demand among active users of this social platform and start posting exciting content.


The creation of video content must be treated professionally. It’s important to get every viewer interested so that they would want to go to your website and make a purchase. Make your videos fun, informative, and educational, and then you’ll see what the result can be.

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