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Shut down Windows 10 without installing updates

We’ve all been there… Fortunately, this article has some handy tips on how to bypass the updates when you’re in a rush: How to Shut Down a Windows PC Without Installing Updates

RingCentral Call Forwarding Not Working [Solved]

I was setting up a new RingCentral call forwarding extension for a client today, a very simple setup where we wanted the lone extension to forward to a land line. And it just wasn’t working. We’d call the main RingCentral phone number, and it would just ring and ring but the land line would not […]

How Hack-Friendly is Your Password?

Just look at the difference a few more characters and a bit more complexity in your password can make! Embedded from Infographics Showcase This chart doesn’t show it, but if you take this even further – say 16 characters – the password becomes more trouble than it is worth, even for a “Pro” hacker. Having […]

Ultimate Chart of Computer Connectors and Ports

Updated for 2020 The world of computers has a staggering array of cables, adapters, and ports in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Most people don’t have to deal with these things on a daily basis, and one look at the back of your PC or the side of your laptop can sometimes be […]

What is Office 365?

You’ve seen it mentioned online. You may have seen it on a retail box in a store, or in a television commercial, or in a pop-up message on your own PC. You might even HAVE Office 365. But you’re not exactly sure what Office 365 is. You are not alone. There’s actually a really good, […]