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by Matt Kelland
11 years ago

Falling over may seem like more of a subject for comedy than a serious safety issue, but it’s not. In fact, the National Safety Council says that falls are the leading cause of workplace deaths, and the cause of over 20% of disabling injuries. Nearly 30% of falls result in over 21 work days lost, and on average, they’re away for over a week. That’s 65% of all work days lost.

And if you think that this is a subject that factories and warehouses need to worry about, think again. Over 60% of falls occur in shops and offices, and over 65% of them are just people walking on the floor – no ladders, no staircases, and no high buildings. Office workers are at just as much risk of workplace injuries as anyone else. This slideshow  and these guidelines sum up what you need to be aware of, and what you need to do.

We’re always super-conscious of anything to do with computers, of course. Trailing cables are a real menace. Always ensure cables are stored neatly and that they aren’t an accident waiting to happen. Be extra careful if you need to get network cables or power cables across areas where people are walking or working: it’s too easy for someone to trip if they’re carrying something or just not looking. Install proper trunking, cable clips, or other fittings designed to keep cables away from feet.

You also need to be conscious of what else is on the floor. If your computer is down by the side of your desk, make sure it’s not where  anyone is likely to walk into it. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, a well-designed, ergonomic workstation which takes all these issues into account is a must for the modern office.

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